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110 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, New Haven, CT  06510  Phone: 203.562.6624   Fax: 203.562.6652


Clients entrust investment advisory firms with sensitive financial information and the future of their financial well being. Ladd Capital Management, LLC takes that role very seriously. We fully subscribe to the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. The Code states that we shall:


  • Act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner with the public, clients, prospective clients, employers, employees, colleagues in the investment profession, and other participants in the global capital markets.

  • Place the integrity of the investment profession and the interests of clients above their own personal interests.

  • Use reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgment when conducting investment analysis, making investment recommendations, taking investment actions, and engaging in other professional activities.

  • Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on themselves and the profession.

  • Promote the integrity and viability of the global capital markets for the ultimate benefit of society.

  • Maintain and improve the competence of other investment professionals.

We belive ethics is good business.

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