Ladd Capital Management is an SEC registered investment advisory firm established in 1975 to manage the investment portfolios of corporate, endowment, and individual clients.

Our mission is to help our clients attain their financial objectives through conservative, lower risk investment management. This must include understanding each client’s own needs and involves high levels of communication with the client and the other members of their financial team, such as attorney and accountant.  The result is a portfolio designed and continuously managed for their unique goals.


Our success for clients has come from taking a conservative, long view of investing.  We strongly believe this approach will continue to reward our clients in the future.

To learn more about Ladd Capital Management and the services we offer, please call us at 203.562.6624.

110 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, New Haven, CT  06510  Phone: 203.562.6624   Fax: 203.562.6652